Compare Online Checking Accounts in June 2024

Online Checking Accounts 101

Bank accounts, and especially checking accounts, are fairly easy to come by. An overwhelming number of American households have a bank account. But not all checking accounts are created equal. And just because one checking account is ideal for one person doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect for another.

The best checking accounts are going to offer you low fees, free ATMs service, and good customer support. Earning interest on your money is a major plus, as well.

Interested in knowing which checking account you should be using? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

What to Look for in a Checking Account

Each person is going to have individual needs when deciding on their ideal checking account. Generally, though, you’re going to want to avoid monthly fees. Many people view these fees as not worth the benefits that come with the account.

If banks do charge fees, you can usually get around them by maintaining a minimum balance.

Free ATM access is also a big selling point for checking account owners. If your bank is relatively small, they may offer refunds on out-of-network ATMs.  Some online banks offer refunds on all ATMs, even international ones.

BBVA Free Online Checking

BBVA offers free online checking with all of the full-service features.  This account only requires an initial deposit of $25 and has no monthly service charges or ATM fees at BBVA USA ATMs.

BBVA also offers one year free Visa Debit Card for each account holder where you have the ability to earn cash back rewards.  On top of this, BBVA offers unlimited check writing and free customizable alerts on your account.

Finally, with this free checking account, you will also get additional benefits such as overdraft protection and enrollment into the BBVA ClearBenefits Program that can help you with identity theft restoration and insurance, cell phone protection and other great protection services at a monthly fee of $4.

Simple Individual Checking

Simple was founded in 2009 to provide a simple and enjoyable checking experience. The company offers branchless, online banking to its customers. It also provides a mobile app and a Visa Debit Card.

With the app, you can:

  • link to external accounts,
  • transfer money instantly to other Simple customers
  • block your card if it’s stolen or lost
  • make direct deposits
  • deposit checks with a smartphone photo
  • use third-party payment services like Venmo and Square

The only fee you can expect to pay is a $5 charge for a book of 25 checks. Simple also has an Allpoint network of 40,000 ATMs. If you use an ATM outside of the network, you may be charged by the ATM owner but you won’t be charged by Simple.

And while Simple doesn’t offer bill pay, you can use the routing and account numbers to set up payments or you can send a Simple check. There’s also no minimum opening balance.

The mobile app also provides various budgeting tools so that you can divide your money into different categories, including regular goals, protected goals, safe-to-spend, and expenses. Although there are also great third-party budgeting apps you can get too.

The money in the “protected goals” category will be siphoned off into a separate checking account that earns a high 1.55% APY. There are also no interest or overdraft fees if a transaction exceeds your available balance.

Heritage Bank eCentive Checking Account

Heritage Bank is based in Spicer, Minnesota and offers several checking and savings account options. If you want to earn 0.33% APY on your account, you will need to either pay a $17 fee each month or maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.

If you get a Jumbo Deposit account, you’ll receive a 1.01% APY if you maintain a minimum balance of $320,000. And with their Legacy Checking account, you’ll get 0.04% APY for a minimum balance of $1,000.

The most attractive part of banking with Heritage Bank, though, is its eCentive debit card and checking account. It requires an opening balance of $100 but you’ll get 1.53% APY. However, you’ll have to meet certain criteria: customers need to receive monthly eStatements, receive at least one direct deposit, and make a minimum of 10 debit card purchases or payments excluding ATM transactions.

And even if you can’t make the 10 payments each month with eCentive, your account will still earn interest, although it will only be 0.05% APY. There also won’t be any minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fees.

If you decide to not enroll in monthly eStatements, you’ll receive a $4 charge each month for paper statements that are sent via USPS. And with the mobile app, you can do banking online for free and use the ePay online pay to conduct all of your banking needs. And online banking clients can send money to anybody with Heritage Bank’s “Popmoney” service.

It should be noted that the bank has “hybrid” ATMs in only seven cities – across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. These ATMs let customers interact with tellers via live video. The tellers can be accessed 12 hours a day on weekdays.

To make up for the limited number of ATMs, all fees charged by ATM owners will be refunded by the bank, up to $25 each month. And for those who are small business-minded, it’s worth knowing that this is an employee-owned community bank.

NBKC Bank Personal Account

At NBKC bank, they call their checking account a Personal Account. This account comes with a starter book of checks, no fees, and a debit card. With a Personal Money Market account, you’ll get 1.01% APY if your balance is below $1 million.

Although the minimum opening deposit for both the Personal Money Market and regular Personal accounts is $5, you only need to have one cent in either of the accounts to earn interest. You also get online banking on a variety of devices.

You can access mobile banking with the fingerprint API from Android and Touch ID from Apple. With Bill Pay, you can set up recurring online payments. And you can do mobile deposit with your smartphone.

A big benefit is that the bank won’t charge you at all for:

  • online banking
  • NSFs or overdrafts
  • eStatements
  • incoming domestic wires
  • returned paper or electronic items
  • Bill Pay
  • cashier’s checks

As an NBKC Bank customer, you’ll also get to access over 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs at no charge in the United States and Puerto Rico. And if another ATM owner charges you, NBKC Bank will refund you up to $12 each month.

On the downside, you’re going to have to pay $5 for outgoing domestic wires. It’s also going to cost you $45 for both receiving and sending international wires.

TIAA Bank Yield Pledge Checking

TIAA Bank is a Fortune 500 company that offers low minimum savings and checking accounts. It also offers a high-yield money market and checking accounts. First-time money market account customers will get 1.40% APY while first-time checking account customers will get 0.50% APY.

These APYs only last for the first year. After that, the APY drops to 0.35%.

TIAA promises that their yields will always be within the top five percent among its competition. There’s also no monthly fee for a High Yield Pledge checking account, but it does require an opening deposit of $100.

For Basic Checking, you only need an opening balance of $25. And as long as you maintain a daily balance of $25, you’ll avoid the $5 monthly fee.  When you bank with TIAA, you’ll get extended warranty protection and online banking services. You’ll also have access to the bank’s network of 80,000 ATMs.

And as long as you maintain a daily average balance of $5,000, you’ll be fully reimbursed for all out-of-network ATM fees. If you don’t maintain that balance, you’ll be refunded up to $15 per month.

There are several fees that you have to watch out for with an account at TIAA, though. Some fees that you may be charged include:

  • NSFs – $30
  • stop payment fee – $25
  • cashier’s check – $10
  • return deposited item fee – $10
  • expedited overnight bill payment – $15

By enrolling in overdraft protection, you can avoid having to pay NSF fees.

Ally Interest Checking Account

Ally is an FDIC-insured online bank that provides a strong APY in both its checking and savings accounts. If you maintain a $15,000 minimum daily balance, you’ll get 0.5% APY in your checking account.

Although you can’t deposit cash at a branch, you can physically deposit funds at one of its many Allpoint ATMs. You can also use Ally eCheck to deposit checks by taking a photo with your phone. And you can use Zelle to send money to pretty much anyone who has a bank account.

Ally is a bank that’s made for the digital age. They offer their customers 24/7 account access from anywhere to find ATMs, check balances, and pay bills. And if there’s no Allpoint ATM around, Ally will reimburse you up to $10 a month for ATM fees.

Another great perk is that its interest-bearing checking account is compounded daily.

One thing to be aware of is that, even though there’s no opening minimum balance required, a customer needs to fund their account within 30 days or the account will be closed.


  • Min Opening Deposit – $0
  • Min Balance – $0
  • Interest Rate – Up to 0.50% APY
  • ATM Access – Free at 43,000 nationwide units and up to $10 in fee reimbursement/month

Capital One 360 Checking

Capital One has both a powerful online presence while offering many brick-and-mortar branches and several Capital One Cafes. They provide a variety of financial services and mainly cater to commercial clients, small businesses, and consumers.

Those who open a Capital One checking account will need to go paperless and accept all of their communications by way of electronic delivery. Although there is technically no minimum balance needed, your account isn’t considered to be open until there’s at least one cent in the account.

Also, this checking account won’t make you pay any monthly fees and your first 50 checks will be free of charge. Your APY will also depend on how high your account balance is.

With the Capital One mobile app, you can make check deposits, get account activity alerts, and manage your accounts. Some fees you might be charged include:

  • cashier’s check – $20
  • outgoing domestic wire transfers – $30
  • overdraft fees of up to $35
  • stop payment fees – $25

It’s also important to point out that Capital One was the victim of a data breach in 2019 and the records of over 100 million applications and accounts were exposed.

Radius Bank Rewards Checking

Customers earn 1% cash back on signature-based purchases each month with Radius Bank Rewards Checking. With their Superhero Checking account, customers will earn 0.5% APY on balances of at least $2,500 and their interest will be matched by Radius and donated to March of Dimes. The Superhero account also provides 1% cash back on purchases, and the proceeds will go to charity.

Both types of checking accounts require an opening balance of $100. However, there are no monthly maintenance fees.

There’s also a third type of checking account – Essential Checking. This is for customers who want to rebuild their banking history. There’s a minimum opening balance of $10 and customers need to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $9.

Customers of any of these checking accounts will need to receive eStatements.

If you’re a Superhero or Rewards Checking account customer, you’ll get your first order of checks for free. You’ll also have access to an unlimited number of ATM fee refunds.

With the Radius Bank Mobile app, you can manage your accounts plus gain access to helpful budgeting tools.You can also add your debit card to Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay if you want to make purchases with your phone.

While keeping an average daily balance of $2,500 can be tough, you’ll also need to maintain that amount to get the 1% cash back rewards. You can avoid this requirement, however, if you make a direct deposit of $2,500 or more into your account each month.

The Best Online Checking Account for You

As we can see, there are many different types of checking accounts out there. And you shouldn’t have to feel stuck with having to choose a checking account that’s only offered by one of the major banks. Go with a checking account that’s going to fit your lifestyle and makes managing your money as easy as possible.

Interested in learning how to get better at saving your money? Let us help you today!

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