Compare Top Insurance Providers in July 2024

QuickenCompare can help guide you through the world of Insurance, from Auto to Life to Home, we have put together the top options for you to compare and choose based on your unique financial situation.

Comparison shopping is crucial if you want to save money on car insurance. Two companies can charge wildly different rates for the same driver.

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Research Car Insurance Companies Before Buying a Policy!

When choosing your next insurance policy, be sure you research car insurance companies. The price of a plan doesn’t always reflect the service you need or the cover you require for your driving habits.

Have you looked at car insurance policies lately? You might feel overwhelmed at the variety and volume of available insurance companies and types of policies available for drivers these days.

However, shopping for a new auto insurance policy is one of the best ways to save money! Having so many policy options in the marketplace makes the auto insurance industry highly competitive—which means switching providers when it’s time to renew can often save you big bucks.

How can you choose the right policy for your driving needs? What’s the best auto insurance company to provide your policies? We’re here to help! There’s many variables wthat go into choosing an auto plan. We hope our list of Best Car Insurance Companies for 2022 helps you find the right policy for your needs. Be sure to check out more of our tips for lowering your car insurance costs!

How to Choose An Auto Insurance Policy

Before you choose a policy or make a change, take some time to identify what you want or need from your new auto policy. While many plans offer some of the same coverages and perks, not all policies or companies are the same.

It’s important to know what you’re looking to accomplish when choosing a new insurance company. While most companies make it easy to switch, make sure it’s worth it to forfeit any loyalty perks you have with the company to start fresh with a new company. If you’re unhappy with your current company’s customer service or you want to lower your auto insurance costs, choosing a new policy can be beneficial!

When you know your goals, think about your vehicle and your regular driving habits and make a list:

  • How many vehicles need coverage?
  • How many drivers need coverage?
  • How much do you drive weekly?
  • What’s your driving record (frequent accidents, no accidents, etc.)
  • Do you use your vehicle for business? Is your primary vehicle a company car?
  • How old is your vehicle (or vehicles)?

With this kind of information, you’re ready to request quotes from multiple insurance companies!

Get Quotes

Most companies make it simple to get an initial quote online. It’s a great starting place, but to get an entirely accurate quote, you’ll eventually need to speak with a representative from the insurance company.

Don’t settle for the first quote that seems like a good one! Collect a few quotes, then choose the one that has the best pricing and offers the best policy options for your needs.

Make sure to compare apples-to-apples. Some quotes could cover a 6-month payment period while others could offer an annual quote. Break the numbers down, so you understand a monthly insurance rate comparison across multiple companies and quotes.

Ready to get started? Check out some of these best companies for your next auto insurance policy.

Claim Response and Overall Satisfaction: Amica

Amica comes in at one of the most highly rated companies for overall customer satisfaction. Amica customers report a high approval of how the company responds and handles claims. Customers also report relatively few problems when working with Amica auto insurance.

Within the industry, Amica consistently receives high ratings from third-party reviewers, including J.D. Power and other sources.


  • Excellent array of coverage options
  • High ratings from J.D Powers and other third-party sources
  • Discounts available for multiple cars or multi-use policies
  • No restrictions on auto repair facilities
  • Free lock or airbag replacement


  • While Amica offers multi-policy discounts, they don’t provide many other driver discounts compared to some other insurance companies
  • If you prefer a tech-savvy or online user experience, Amica offers limited online services

If a smaller auto insurer with high approval ratings appeals to you, Amica might be a good option for your next policy!

Tech-Savvy Discounts and Savings: Geico and Progressive

It is always an excellent time to save money on car insurance! If you’re looking to save cash through driver discounts and other perks, check out what Geico and Progressive have to offer.


You know and love (or hate) the Geico lizard. These memorable commercials remind you often about the savings opportunities available for switching your car insurance to Geico—and they’re right!

With those savings also comes excellent customer satisfaction. Geico is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the country, and that helps them provide exceptional service to customers while assisting them in saving money on their car insurance. They also receive top marks from J.D. Power and lead the way with how they offer technology solutions to customers.

If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself way to handle many of your auto insurance needs, Geico is one of the best companies to offer digital solutions. Their app leads the marketplace for a user-friendly to check your policy, file a claim, and do many other auto-insurance related tasks.

Geico also offers coverage for using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. If you use rideshares often, choose your policy to cover both your vehicle and yourself in case of an accident while riding with a rideshare driver.


  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • User-friendly app and digital experience
  • Variety of discounts available
  • Few customer complaints
  • Rideshare coverage


  • Because of their high digital focus, if you want to connect with a dedicated agent, Geico might not be your best option.
  • No gap insurance
  • Some policy features are limited to specific areas of the country


Progressive insurance also appeals to consumers who prefer to work through the ease of an app or online. Plus, if you haven’t yet met Flo and her insurance team through Progressive’s TV commercials, you’re missing out.

Slightly smaller in size than Geico, Progressive is the third-largest auto insurance provider in America. Size means Progressive can offer plenty of driver discounts with a high customer service rating due to the company’s extensive reach.

Again, if you prefer a dedicated agent, Progressive might not appeal to you. The company accommodates most businesses through the use of its user-friendly app and a bank of call responders when you call to file a complaint or talk to an agent.

However, Progressive is one of several companies offering low mileage discounts or refunds as part of their COVID-19 response for drivers who have reduced their daily driving due to working from home. Check with Progressive for other low mileage discounts, too.


  • User-friendly app and digital customer service experience
  • Gap insurance available
  • Pet injury assistance
  • Deductible savings bank
  • Wide variety of driver discounts


  • If a personal one-on-one experience is your preference, Geico won’t be your ideal choice
  • Compared to other big-name insurers, Geico’s ratings remain “average” instead of “excellent”
  • More customer complaints than other comparable auto insurers

If savings and technology are some of your top goals, you might sacrifice some personal service. However, these two auto insurers are excellent options when looking for ways to reduce your auto insurance costs.

Customer Service: State Farm

Is there a company that offers personal service with an actual person? Yes! State Farm provides every insured motorist a dedicated agent. That isn’t true for all auto insurance companies. If you’re looking for competitive rates plus a person you can call, State Farm could be the right company for your auto insurance needs.

The State Farm model offers some of the best customer services you’ll find from major insurance companies. While other large insurers focus on what they can do for you, it doesn’t always come with a single person to represent you. If it’s not “Jake, from State Farm,” it could be someone you know!

Calling the 1-800 number for many other auto insurance companies sends you to a call center where the next available representative takes your call and begins your claim process. While you might have a local office and underwriter for your policy, the customer service comes from the corporate level.

State Farm maintains a hands-on, face-to-face customer service model. You can visit your local agent’s office to discuss your policy. When you need to file a claim, your assigned agent handles your case.

It’s a nice touch if you prefer one-on-one customer service backed by an excellent policy.

Best Bundles and Company Values: Nationwide

Nationwide employees love working for Nationwide, and happy employees mean happier customers. The company consistently rates as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work For (at #57 for the current list). Nationwide’s company values help drive the company culture and how employees prioritize service to customers.

If you’re searching from some of the best insurance bundles from a single company, consider Nationwide. You can reduce your auto insurance coverage costs when bundling other types of insurance policies, like your home, life, or motorcycle coverage. Keeping multiple policies with one company is a great way to simplify your coverage while taking advantage of discounts with Nationwide.


  • Bundle savings
  • Multiple options for driver savings discounts
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Vanishing deductibles
  • Mobile app and website portal


  • Average customer service ratings
  • Lack of personal interaction

If you’re looking to be a part of a company that places value on employees and customers, Nationwide delivers on both! You can find some excellent savings opportunities, too.

Savings for Active Military and Veterans: USAA

If you’re active-duty military or a veteran, USAA rates and coverage options are hard to beat. Choosing a company that cares for military personnel and their families while offering excellent coverage and savings opportunities could be the best way to get the most for your auto insurance.

USAA offers several driver discounts and multi-policy savings opportunities. Like Nationwide, you can bundle home or life insurance policies with your auto policy to maximize savings and streamline your insurance coverage with a single company.

For active-duty servicemen and women, you’ll also find unique coverage options when you utilize USAA’s broader insurance options, like uniform damage coverage and severe injury benefits for in-action injuries.

Most USAA customers report a high degree of satisfaction, and the company receives high marks for claim response and overall customer satisfaction.


  • Bundle policy savings
  • Caters to active-duty military and veterans
  • Driver discount options
  • Secure mobile app and website


  • Only available to active-duty military and veterans

We hate to consider USAA’s availability to our military as a “con,” but if you’re not military or former U.S. military, you won’t qualify for USAA auto insurance. However, civilians have plenty of other excellent options for policies not reserved for the men and women who serve our country.

Ease of Use: Esurance

If you need a quick auto insurance option, Esurance could be your answer! However, although Esurance does offer several ways to save, “quick” doesn’t always provide the best savings options when compared to other auto insurance companies.

Esurance offers quotes and sign-ups through the website or a mobile app. It’s simple to get a quote and simple to sign up. Some drivers also find that qualifying for Esurance is more accessible than with some other auto insurers, depending on your driving history and safety record.

You won’t need to interact with a human to find the best Esurance policy for your car. They offer a Coverage Counselor when you go through the online process of finding the best policy to suit your needs. Despite the “quick” nature of Esurance, the company receives favorable ratings from third-party reviewers.


  • Quick and easy quotes and sign-up process online
  • Available driver discounts and bundle options
  • User-friendly digital experience


  • Lack of personal one-on-one guidance or help available
  • Low customer satisfaction ratings

Esurance is an excellent option to save money and quickly find a coverage option. They take a lot of the hassle out of getting a quote and setting your policy through their online tools.