Calculate Your Home Equity Loan Amount

Utilize our home equity calculator below to figure out how much you can borrow and if you will qualify for a HELOC or Home Equity Loan

Debt DescriptionLoan BalanceInterest RatePaymentPayments LeftInterest Left
Totals Balance
Home Equity Loan InfoAmount
Interest Rate
Additional Cash
Closing Costs
Loan Term
Your ResultsOld DebtsNew Loan
Total Principal Balance:
Effective Interest Rate:
Total of Monthly Payments:
Remaining interest & financing costs:
Monthly Payment Reduction:
Type of UseLoanLine
Debt Consolidation44%40%
Home Improvement25%23%
Major Purchases2%6%
Household Expenses2%2%
Business Expenses1%2%
Medical Bills1%1%
Loan TypeHome Equity LoansHELOCCash Out Refi
Interest RateFixedAdjustable (in most cases)Fixed
Draw MoneyLump SumAs needed, throughout draw periodLump Sum
Tax Deductible InterestNoNoYes
Interest Only PaymentNoYesNo
Interest OnLoan AmountAmount DrawnLoan Amount