The rate of home burglaries has been slowing down in the past several years, but a burglary still occurs every 15 seconds. According to the crime statistics provided by the F.B.I., burglaries are constantly happening at rapid intervals. However, the yearly amount of total break-ins has decreased by 6.1% from 2011-2016. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to be aware of how and when burglaries take place.

Common Times for Home Break-Ins

Homeowners are becoming more vigilant of their communities and making their homes more secure. According to the F.B.I yearly report, approximately 30% of homes are broken into by an open window or door. The most surprising statistic is that 65% of home break-ins occur during the day from 6am-6pm, when most people are at work or school.  Also, the most common time of the year for burglaries is during the summer, particularly July and August.  We’re guessing it’s because these months are peak vacation months and have warmer weather, so the residents are out and about. The least common times for home burglaries is winter time, most notable February.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

One of the most basic things you can do is to check that all windows and doors are locked. This includes checking before leaving your home and before going to sleep. It only takes a couple minutes to double check and could reduce your chances of a break-in. You can also get to know your neighbors.  If they see any suspicious activity, they can call 911 and prevent something from happening.

Each year, only about 13% of these cases actually get resolved. This is due to lack of witnesses and physical evidence. Fortunately, there are others ways to protect yourself from being in this situation. The most noteworthy is getting some sort of home insurance or home security system. With these, you can have some reassurance.

A home security system is a great investment for the well-being of your home and belongings. With video surveillance, footage can serve as physical evidence to help strengthen your case. Whether it provides a time window, a clear view of the criminal’s face, or the make and model of their runaway vehicle, it can help support you. Having good homeowners’ insurance can also help by replacing damaged or stolen items, even if you were away on vacation.