Americans are facing a total mortgage debt of $15.8 trillion. The good news is that as borrows pay their mortgage down, they build equity in their home. 

As you build equity in your home, you build a financial resource that you can then tap into later. Curious how you can make your home equity work for you? Then you need to read the answers to these three questions.

1. Can You Sell Equity in Your Home?

Yes, you can typically sell a portion of the home equity you have built-in your home.  Keep in mind, if the value of the home increases, then both you and the equity buyer benefit. But if the home’s value drops, then you both suffer the consequences. 

2. What Are the Pros and Cons of Selling Equity in Your Home?

As with any financial products, there are pros and cons to moving forward. The most significant benefit of this arrangement is that you can receive immediate payment for your real estate equity. This is especially helpful if you need the money quickly. 

You also don’t have to make monthly payments. This can make it a better option than other home financing options such as a home equity line of credit or second mortgage. 

One drawback of this arrangement is the fees. You’ll need to pay for an appraiser to visit your home, which can cost several hundred dollars. Then there’s a processing fee and escrow costs. 

This option may be more expensive than a home equity loan. So it’s best for homeowners to run the numbers before choosing to sell their equity. You may find that quickly rising property values and low-interest rates make other options more affordable. 

3. What Is Point.Com and Is It a Good Option?

When you work with, you receive a lump sum cash payment deposited into your bank account in return for allowing to invest in your home. This isn’t a typical loan, so there are no monthly payments. 

This is an interesting option because it allows you to leverage your built-up equity to pay off debt, build a safety net, home improvement, or pay an unexpected expense. You then have the option of buying back your equity at any point during the 30-year term.

 Start Using Your Home’s Equity Today 

If you have a large amount of equity built-up in your home, then selling your home equity can be an option for you. Start by evaluating your current financial situation, find out what your market value is for your piece of real estate and determine how much you need.

Then consider your options and calculate the cost of each. If selling your equity makes financial sense, then consider filling out an application at