Money orders may not be the most common form of payment, but they’re underrated. Using a money order offers you more privacy, safety, and even an extra layer of theft protection. Everyone can benefit from using money orders, the only problem is — where do you even get money orders?  If you’re asking, “Where can I get money orders near me?” then you’re in the right place. Here are 10 places you can get money orders made.


That’s right: you can get money orders right from your local Walmart.  Walmart will write you up to a $1,000 money order for a maximum fee of $0.88 through the service, MoneyGram. You can issue a money order from Walmart using a debit card, cash, or a Walmart MoneyCard.

You can also spend your money orders at Walmart, making Walmart one of the most money-order-friendly businesses. However, you can only cash Walmart-made money orders at Walmart. There’s a $3-$6 fee to cash a money order, and you’ll also need some photo ID.

Most Walmarts have a kiosk for check cashing. For convenience’s sake, you can go right to this kiosk and get your money order made. It doesn’t get much easier than this.


If you’re trying to get your hands on some Slim Jims and money order, just make one stop7-Eleven stores are all over the United States, meaning there’s probably one near you. Some work with MoneyGram to offer you money orders, and some work with Western Union. 

Either way, you’re looking at a fee between 1 and 3% of the total money order.  It’s not the cheapest way to get money orders. The 1-3% fee makes it more expensive than Walmart right off the bat. There’s also a $500 max on money orders from 7-Eleven, half of what Walmart offers.

The big reason to go to 7-Eleven, of course, is for the convenience. Running into 7-Eleven is much faster than running into Walmart. If you can work with the fees and the $500 max, then you’re in business.

3.The Post Office

USPS uses its own brand of money orders, meaning they don’t go through Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other third parties. They have a $1,000 limit on money orders and charge you $1.75 for money orders over $500. For money orders of $500 or less, it costs $1.20.

You can cash your money orders at USPS, too, but you should ask what percentage they take beforehand. These taken percentage changes depending on your location.  If you’re in the military, retired or not, you can get very cheap money orders from the post office. They only charge members of the military $0.45! Talk about supporting your troops.

USPS isn’t the cheapest way to get a money order, but it may be even more convenient than 7-Eleven. Every district has a post office.


CVS is a great place to go for 24-hour money orders.  At CVS, you can get money orders made for $1.25 total. There’s a $500 limit, and the money orders go through MoneyGram. You can make a money order at CVS using a debit card, or cash.  To get a money order at CVS, just go to a checkout register and ask for a money order. The cashier will need to see your photo ID. Once you’ve shown them your ID, they’ll get your money order made and charge you the $1.25 fee.

The biggest upside to using CVS is that many CVS stores are open 24-hours a day. No matter when you need a money order, you can go to CVS and get one made.

5.Your Local Bank

This is probably the most prominent location to get money orders made.  You can get a money order made at your local bank fast and easy. The money is already in your account, so all the bank teller has to do is transfer it over. Most banks have a $1,000 limit on money orders.

While this might make the most sense in some cases, and it’s the most secure way to get a money order, it can also be expensive. Always ask the bank teller the price of a money order before locking in.  If you’re in the bank already doing some investing, you might as well get your money order made there. However, if you can avoid it, you probably should. The fees are simply too much to make it worth it, unless you absolutely need the security that the bank offers.


If you don’t have a Walmart near you, you might have a Publix in the area.  Publix offers money orders for $0.99. They have a $500 limit and provide their money orders through Western Union. Unlike Walmart, you can’t cash money orders at Publix, so you’ll have to go elsewhere to get this done.

The $0.85 fee makes Publix a competitive place to get money orders. It’s much cheaper than in places. If you can’t get to a Walmart, Publix is a great choice despite the $500 limit.


If you’re in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana, you likely have a Meijer near you.  Meijer issues money orders for the low price of $0.65, making it one of the cheapest places for money orders. They have a $500 limit like most grocery stores and issue their money orders through Western Union. Like Publix, they will not cash money orders, so don’t go in asking them to cash anything.

Meijer tends to be open 24-hours per day, 364 days per year (except Christmas). Considering this, they’re also one of the most convenient places to get money orders made. However, the store only issues money orders between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., so keep that in mind.  You can use debit or cash for your money orders, but not credit. While the limit is $500, there’s a $3,000 daily limit, so you can make six $500 money orders there per day.

8. MoneyGram/Western Union

You could always go straight to the source and visit MoneyGram or Western Union for your money orders.  Most shops issue their money orders through these two providers, so going to the source makes sense. MoneyGram has a $1,000 limit on money orders and charges you a low $0.70 fee. You can do this with cash or debit, and also get money orders cashed here.

Western Union also has a $1,000 limit, but they charge a slightly hire $1.00 fee. This may be lower depending on the amount of your money order. They prefer cash, but will also accept debit card, and also cash money orders.

Many people feel more secure going straight to the source rather than going through a grocery store. If that describes you, find your local Western Union or MoneyGram and get what you need!


Your local Kroger also does money orders, and at a fairly competitive price.  The money order limit differs between Krogers’, with some offering a $500 limit and others offering $1,000 limit. They charge around $0.85 for money orders, but this may also differ from location to location. Some smaller Kroger stores may not even issue money orders, so it’s important to ask for all the details.

If your local Kroger offers money orders, it could be the cheapest place to go. Just call beforehand, or you might end up wasting a trip.


Amscot is the money superstore for a reason.

At Amscot, you can get a Western Union money order for absolutely free. There’s no limit to how many money orders you can get, either. The one caveat is that you have to pay cash — no debit, no credit.  All you’ll need is proper identification and you’re good to go. You can also get your money orders cashed here. Amscot is open 365 days per year, making it one of the more convenient places to get money orders.

If you’re in Florida, you should absolutely look for an Amscot near you for money orders. You can’t beat free money orders, especially when they can be so expensive at other locations. 

The Best Money Orders Near Me

Never ask the question, “Where can I get money orders near me?” again. Now you know 10 places to get money orders made, complete with fees and limits. Using this information, you can find the best place to get a money order near you, and never have to worry about it again.