If you’ve gotten engaged recently, congrats! This is such an exciting time, with lots to do in the next several months. One of the first things? Create that wedding registry! It’s a good idea to go ahead and set up your registry pretty soon after you get engaged. After all, there may be several early gift-giving opportunities, like an engagement party or a bridal shower.

But before you hit the stores, remember — like everything in marriage — registering for gifts requires teamwork. You and your partner should register for things that will make both of you happy for many years to come. So even if your partner is a bit reluctant at first, it’s important to hit this thing together and select the items you both love.

And while there’s really no wrong way to create a wedding registry, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a bit of help! If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what to put on a wedding registry to start your married life off on the right foot.

Wedding Registry Checklist

Here, we’ll take you through some everyday essentials you’ll definitely want to include. Even though they may not be exciting by themselves, they’ll make your home functional and fully stocked.

And what about high-end items? Is it okay to register for that Casper mattress you’ve been eyeing? You bet! We’ll walk you through some of our favorite high-dollar items. After all, even if you don’t actually receive these items, remember that many stores offer a discount to “clear your registry” after your wedding date. Hey, every little bit helps, right?

And finally, if you and your partner have decided you’d love to receive cash for your wedding, we’ll walk you through that, too.

Everyday essentials

One helpful way to register for everyday items is to take it room by room. Start in the kitchen and ask yourself what you need in order to have a functional kitchen that suits your needs. For example, if you don’t drink, obviously you can skip the barware. Select something you’ll use more, like a dutch oven or food processor. There’s no need to make your registry look like everyone else’s.

Before you register, it’s best to take a careful inventory of your stuff to ensure the registry items you choose aren’t things you already have. A little bit of forethought and planning will go a long way to ensuring you register for things you really want and need. When making your registry list, don’t forget to consider the future! While it may seem silly now, salad plates will come in handy when you have people over for dinner, and it’s not something you’d usually buy for yourself. That’s why you see plenty of everyday essential items on registries.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Wine glasses – You’ll need enough to match your place settings, but you’ll probably want to have plenty of extras on hand, too. Champagne flutes are also nice touch if you love to entertain.
  • Place settings – Most couples register for 8-12 settings. You’ll want enough to have guests over, but also have a few extras on hand for when a piece inevitably breaks.
  • Mixing bowls – Register for a nice set of nested mixing bowls for convenient storage. Trust us, you’ll use them! Even if it’s just for popcorn or snacks.
  • Knife set – Whether you register for a knife block, a single, high-end chef’s knife, or a knife set is up to you. This is a great item to splurge on a bit to ensure you end up with a quality set that’ll last years.
  • Bath towels – Register for enough to have a few in rotation while others are in the laundry, plus extra for any guest rooms in your home. Plush, matching, and luxurious!
  • Toaster oven – A toaster, microwave, and small oven all-in-one, this is a super handy kitchen item. The stainless steel option is timeless and will match most kitchen decor.

Couple with registry gifts

High-end items

When putting your registry together, don’t be afraid to register for a few big-ticket items if you really want or need them. This may especially apply if you and your partner haven’t been living together before the wedding, or haven’t been roomies for long. Some guests will skip large gifts, while others want to splurge or even go in on a large gift as a group. And if you’re lucky enough to receive some of these gifts, that’s money you can keep in your savings account for the future.

Here’s our list of seven of our favorite high-dollar items to add to your registry if you’re setting up your home together:

    • Cuisinart stand mixer – From baked goods to pizza dough and even homemade pasta, a Cuisinart stand mixer is a big-ticket item you’ll use over and over again. This multi-functional workhorse is a godsend in the kitchen! There are tons of available add-ons, like a batter mixer, whisk, dough hook, and spiralizer — there’s not much this stand mixer can’t do! The Cuisinart is available in stainless steel, while the similar KitchenAid stand mixer comes in a slew of adorable colors. If you’re into cooking, this is a stand-out pick.
    • Le Creuset cookware set – Le Creuset is pretty much legendary when it comes to bakeware and casserole dishes. They’re crafted with durable cast iron covered with ceramic in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Our opinion? No registry is complete without Le Creuset!
    • Casper mattress – Thousands of reviewers agree, the Casper mattress is simply the best mattress out there, hands down. It’s both ergonomic and luxuriously soft and cozy, with a hypoallergenic cover that’s breathable too. Not only that, these mattresses are crafted in the US and come with a free one hundred night trial, along with free shipping and returns, amazing customer service, and a 10-year limited warranty. We’re pretty sure a Casper mattress would make a great addition to your home!
    • A do-it-all coffee maker – If you and your partner like to start the day with a cup of joe, don’t forget to add a coffee maker to your registry. While a drip machine is great, there are lots of options out there now that allow you to steam, froth, and whip up a custom cup.
    • Quality pots and pans – If you don’t already own a great set of pots and pans, they make great registry items! Snag a high-end stainless steel set that’ll last.
    • Duvet – A good-quality duvet comforter may come with a hefty price tag, but it’ll prove invaluable when it comes to changing up your bedroom decor. Simply slip any duvet cover over it and bam — a fresh new look!
    • High-tech vacuum cleaner – One thing that’s easy to overlook when starting a home together is a vacuum cleaner. A good quality machine will serve you well for years to come. So don’t hesitate to register for a pricey one that’ll get the job done. Otherwise, you may end up replacing it every few years.

Cash gifts

Maybe you’ve been living together awhile, or you’ve simply got everything you need for married life. In cases like this, you might be hoping to receive cash wedding gifts. If that’s you, you’re in luck! There are several tactful ways to indicate you’d like guests to give money in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

  • The Knot newlywed fund – Brought to you by the popular wedding website The Knot, this registry allows you to register for gifts and cash all in one place. So it’s a perfect option if you’d like to have some physical gifts for more traditional-minded guests, and also receive cash.
  • Honeyfund – Need money for an amazing trip of a lifetime? Honeyfund is where you need to register! The site allows you to basically create a honeymoon cash registry. Fill out the details with your specific honeymoon expenses so they can see exactly what they’re gifting you. Guests will love knowing they contributed to your special trip.
  • Zola – similar to the newlywed fund, Zola allows you to create a registry that’s a mix of wrappable gifts and cash.

MyWalletJoy is here to help you every step of the way as you plan for your magical day. Check our Planning a Wedding page for more information and additional tools to make sure you have everything squared away for your big day.