MotoRefi is an online platform that connects buyers and lenders. People looking to refinance their auto loans can save money on their current monthly auto loan repayments. Its primary advantage is that it lets you find the best deal according to your specifications without impacting your credit score. Although loans aren’t available in every state, you might be able to qualify even if your credit score is fair. 

Read our MotoRefi review and find out if you could save money on your auto refinancing loan. 

MotoRefi Auto Refinance Loan Features 

MotoRefi isn’t a direct lender; instead, it partners with banks, credit unions, and financing enterprises to find auto-refinancing loans for people with good or fair credit. You can access it from your phone, tablet, or computer, and it is super quick and easy. After entering your details and creating an account, you can compare deals from various lenders and find the best one. 

  • No need to leave the house, the whole process takes place online
  • The website is optimized for mobile use
  • There’s a wide variety of repayment plans and options
  • You can take advantage of the free calculator tool to estimate your monthly payments
  • Live chat service makes customer service quick and easy 

How To Qualify

It’s easy enough to qualify; you need to meet the following criteria:

  • The auto you wish to refinance must be 10 years old or less
  • Minimum 550 credit score
  • No more than 150,000 miles on the auto being refinanced
  • Must be a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident 
  • Over 18 years old
  • Earn at least $2,000 per month

Loan Refinancing Options

With plenty of options available and potentially useful add ons, MotoRefi is a good option for browsing auto refinancing options. You can choose between the following loan terms:

  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months
  • 72 months

The amount you pay back monthly is dependent on your credit score, earnings, and the term duration. Our review team found the terms to be reasonable, even once you get into the fine print.  

Pros and Cons

Finally, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of using MotoRefi’s auto refinance service.


  • Works well on mobile devices and has a nice, simple user interface
  • You can prequalify without impacting your credit score


  • To find out the exact rates, you’re entitled to; you need to enter your personal details
  • Be careful of spending additional money on extras

MotoRefi Review Verdict 

MotoRefi is a free and easy to use platform that helps anyone with an existing auto loan to lower their monthly payments. It’s ideal for people who have accepted a loan from a dealership without thinking much about the rate at the time. With this service, you can compare multiple offers on a new loan without impacting your credit score. It seems like a win-win to us.