In the world of online retail, there’s no doubt that Amazon reigns supreme. This large company has an expansive operation that reaches across the country and the globe.  If you’re looking for a flexible income and ways to make some extra cash, driving for Amazon delivery service can be a great option.

Read on to learn how to become an Amazon driver, what’s required, how much money you can make, and more.

How To Become An Amazon Driver: Getting Started

Most independent workers who make deliveries for Amazon are part of the Amazon Flex program. You need to meet a few requirements, including a background check and download the Amazon Flex app to get started.

Once the app is downloaded, you can sign up for Amazon Flex either by using your current Amazon account or by creating a new one. You’ll need to watch a video that discusses the company’s best practices for becoming a delivery driver first.

After you view the video, you’ll need to provide Amazon with your delivery preferences. This information lets Amazon know where you plan to pick up and deliver packages for the company. Of course, you’ll also need to provide Amazon with your tax information and how you’d like to be paid.

Once you complete this process, you can select a preferred service area where you want to deliver or pick up packages, and the types of packages that you pick up may vary. Since you’ll be a Flex driver, you can choose from the following options:

  • With this job, you’ll pick up packages from a pre-designated Amazon delivery station, and then deliver them directly to your customers. The blocks for delivery typically consist of between three to six hours per day.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: For these deliveries, you’ll pick up groceries or essential household items from an Amazon delivery station and bring them to customers. These delivery blocks are usually around two to four hours.
  • Store Orders: You’ll pick up orders from local stores and deliver them to customers with a delivery block of around two to four hours.
  • Instant Offers: This option is currently only available in specific markets. These orders start near your current location and last around 15 to 45 minutes. 

Smartphones, Vehicles, And Insurance Requirements

If you want to know how to work for Amazon delivery, there are a few specific requirements you must meet. That includes your current smartphone and its operating system, the vehicle you drive, and any applicable insurance.

To work for Amazon Flex, you’ll need to have an Android or iPhone with specific requirements. In general, your Android must be 6.0 or newer, and iPhones must be 5s or newer. Check with Amazon to find out what other conditions apply to your phone before you sign up to be a driver.

If you’re planning to deliver Prime Now orders, you’re allowed to use any type of vehicle, as long as it can get you to your destination safely and reliably. For orders, you need to have a 4-door, mid-sized sedan or more substantial. A truck with a covered bed, SUV, or van is also acceptable, but smaller vehicles or trucks with open beds are not acceptable.  You cannot use a motorcycle, motorized bike, or a motorized scooter to deliver for Amazon. As far as insurance, you must maintain the current required insurance needed to deliver packages in your specific area.

If you live outside of New York, Amazon also provides its Commercial Auto Insurance Policy at no cost to you. That includes auto liability coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and accidental comprehensive and collision coverage.  The policy is only for Amazon Flex delivery partners, and passengers are not covered. You must maintain your personal auto insurance on the vehicle you’re driving, and coverage only applies when you’re actively delivering during your delivery block.

New York drivers may need additional commercial insurance to meet NY state law. Amazon cannot provide its additional coverage to drivers within the state of New York. 

The Amazon Flex App

When you’re looking into how to become an Amazon driver, the Amazon Flex app is what you’ll use to make deliveries and track your time. Amazon will use your photo from a driver’s license or government-issued ID for identification purposes.  The reason Amazon needs your photo is so customers and other colleagues can identify you. Your photo is featured on your in-app ID card, which you can use to show people proof of identification.

Amazon will keep your photo on file while you’re using the delivery app, or as long as is permitted by law. You can contact Support if you’d like Amazon to remove your photo, but if you do so, you’ll be blocked from using the delivery app until you replace it with a new, verified photo.

Once you’re set up and approved, you can tap on “Upcoming Offers” on your Amazon Flex home screen. These offers show you available deliveries in your area, and they’re updated throughout the day.  If you find an offer that works for you, simply tap on it and then hit “Swipe to Accept.” The system will reserve the delivery and add it to your calendar once the request is confirmed. You can even set filters for different times of the day and locations of stations that work best for you so that you only see the offers you want.

To look at other offers in your area, simply tap “Show all other offers,” and you can access anything outside of your pre-set filters. Once you accept the offer, you’ll receive a confirmation message in the app that you can use to view your future deliveries.   If you might be late or unavailable for your delivery block, go to the calendar in the app and tap “Forfeit Block.” You must do this at least 45 minutes before the block time starts.

Driving And Delivering For Amazon

There is no minimum number of deliveries required to remain an Amazon Flex driver. Ultimately, it’s up to you how many hours you want to work or how many customer deliveries you wish to make.

If you plan on being an Amazon delivery driver as your full-time income, there are no guarantees. This program provides people with flexible, supplemental, or part-time income. In some cases, delivery blocks can fluctuate, and the volume of work is not guaranteed.  For Prime Now orders, the app shows the block start location one hour before the block start time. Your delivery block may start at the Prime Now delivery station or a waiting area that’s staged near a parking lot or intersection close to the pickup location.

If you’re instructed to go to a waiting area, look for the signs and park your vehicle. Enter the location and tap the “I’ve Arrived” button in the Amazon Flex app. Your route will be displayed on the screen, and it will also let you know when the order is ready.  Once the order is ready, tap “Acknowledge and Begin” and start scanning your order and then loading your vehicle. For store orders, you’ll pick items up at a local store and follow the same process.

Amazon Fresh orders will always show you the start location. Simply follow the navigation in the app to find the start location. The app will let you know if the customer must be present to receive their delivery.

All deliveries begin at a delivery station, which will appear in your Amazon Flex app one hour before your block starts. When you arrive at the station, an Amazon employee will greet you and ask for your identification.   If you ever have anything that cannot be delivered by the end of your block, return them to the pickup location as soon as your day ends. If the station is closed, you’re expected to return any undelivered items by 10 AM the following day. For drivers who repeatedly have undelivered orders, your eligibility to be an Amazon Flex driver could be revoked.

How Much Money Will I Make As An Amazon Driver?

Depending on your situation, Amazon Flex drivers can make a decent part-time or supplemental income. Most drivers earn from $18 to $25 per hour when working for Amazon Flex.  The actual amount you earn will depend on where you live, how long it takes you to finish your deliveries, and any tips you may receive. There are a number of other factors that can also influence your earnings, including the city or region where you live.

If you live in a high-demand area, your earnings will likely be higher. Also, during times of high demand, such as the holiday season and exclusive sales, Amazon may pay you more as well.

For any deliveries that give customers the option to tip you, you are entitled to 100% of the tip. Every dollar that you receive as a tip will increase your earnings by the same amount in addition to your regular earnings from Amazon.  Amazon pays you by the delivery block. That means whether you finish early or late, your earnings will always remain the same. 

Getting Paid

Once you see an available offer in the app, it will show the potential earnings associated with it. Any program that doesn’t offer tips will show you the guaranteed earnings minus the potential for extra tips. No matter when the block ends, you’ll earn whatever you see listed in the offer.

For example, let’s say you see an amount of $100 for a four-hour block. That amount is Amazon’s contribution and what you will earn. Amazon always offers a minimum rate, which depends on where and the current level of demand for deliveries.  Any deliveries that give customers the opinion to tip will show you an earnings range in the app. This range lets you see the potential earnings you could make, based on tips other drivers have received for similar blocks in your specific region.

If you have no deliveries during your block or you get no tips, you’ll still receive the guaranteed earnings shown in the original offer in the app. All tips are 100% payable to you and will be added to your minimum earnings in the app.

Let’s say you have guaranteed earnings of $36 for a two-hour block and a tip of $5. That means your total revenues for that block will be $41. You’ll be able to track your payments using the Earnings screen in the Amazon Flex app.  Amazon processes pay on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you’ll receive payment via direct deposit. Make sure you provided Amazon with the correct bank account information during sign up to ensure you get paid correctly.

Once the deposits are made, you should see them in your bank account the following business day except for any bank holidays. For completed deliveries with tips, you’ll receive payment once all tips are finalized, which is usually around one to two days after delivery.

Make Extra Cash With Amazon

Once you know how to become an Amazon driver, it’s easy to see why so many people choose this as supplemental income. As long as you meet the requirements and have the time, you can earn a decent hourly rate in addition to possible tips.

Check the Amazon website to find out if they’re hiring in your area. For more information about how to make extra money, how to lower your bills, and more, visit our website today.